Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

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Re: Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

UnknownReader wrote:

hey guys, thank you so much for your feedback!

We are very aware of focus shifts/problems on small f-numbers. But more and more cameras are offering liveview and/or eye-AF capabilities. So in the end i dont really see the advantage of buying an overpowered system, when you can always crank up the 200w/s versions and use f16 at full power? why not having the option of using both?

Probably our biggest goal would be reliability. Probably both walimex and godox play in the same league, right? or is one company more trustworthy than the other?

Not really, they are in completely different leagues.

Looking at the Walimex Pro Amazon listings they obviously are a dealer who sells rebadged Chinese gear. I've no idea who makes the light you are interested in so I can't comment on the quality.

Godox designs and manufactures lighting equipment, it has 1,000 staff in 4 factories and an R&D team of 15 engineers. It makes equipment under its own name and does custom design and production for other brands (lights and triggers for Bowens/Wex, for example).

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