Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

JackM wrote:

When I first decided to start doing my own photography, in 2009, I went to a camera store to buy a DSLR and a UWA lens. The salesman showed me a P&S with a sweep panorama, which was cheaper, had plenty of resolution, and had a great zoom range.

I liked the panoramas and was able to document anything I wanted to show with them. On interiors, people consistently complained about the panoramic distortion. They never complained about UWA distortion and rarely complained about key stoning when I angled the lens up or down.

Panoramas are great for shopping centers, land, and street scenes. The sweep panoramas are good enough for flyers. I use them like a banner at the top or bottom of the page.

An agency I used to shoot for before I raised my rate has begun taking phone panoramas. While they are not what we would call good, I’d say they’re a vast improvement over typical realtor-taken snapshots. The phone’s automatic HDR helps too.

I'd guess that this realtor is so relieved to finally be able to inventory the entire contents of a room, with windows that aren't white, that they will not be inquiring with any pro r/e photographers for a while. Unless they get a 7-figure listing.

My old Sony HX1 would do that.   I would get HDR sweep panoramas by doing three sweeps on a tripod, then running them through Photomatix.   Clients and customers never liked them for interiors.

A couple of the realtors I shoot for are old friends.   I offered to help them find a good enough set up they could buy for $1000+/- and teach them to take their own pictures.  If it worked out, I was thinking about offering a class at the Board of Realtors.    They had no interest, even for free.   No one I talked to does.

I get better pictures of my own listings than I do for other people, not because I care more, but because I visit the site multiple times at different times of the day anyway, so I can always try something that might look better than what I got the first time, and I I can take one side of the building in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

When I explain that, I just get a blank stare and an offer of more money to shoot better pictures for them.

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