Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

I think that it's worth the cost.  I photograph buildings primarily for our local historical society, and there's no way that I would be without a Canon TS-E 24mm lens for this kind of 35mm work.  A few thoughts on this . . .

Think about finding a Mrk I 24mm TS-E.  Frankly, there's not that much difference between the two.  In getting a degree, I interned with an architectural photographer.  He has the Mrk I and rented a Mrk II to compare.  He stayed with the Mrk I.  At least to ameliorate the up-front costs, begin with the Mrk I lens, and then conduct your own comparison later.

Someone commented that the TS-E can tilt and shift in the same orientation.  That is, tilt AND shift up and down at the same time.  One can, but it takes a trip to a service center to make this possible; and then, one will no longer be able to tilt and shift in orthogonal directions at the same time.  (Not sure if the service center is needed for the Mrk II?)

I was thinking about going to Nikon from Canon, and then I read the reviews on the Nikon lens.  No thank you!  After years with Canon (when Nikon had no 24mm tilt-shift option), my friend (w/whom I interned) is finally back to Nikon with an 850.  But, he kept his Canon 5D-SR solely for use with his Mrk 1 TS-E 24mm lens.

For me, if one wants subtlety, there's no substitute for being able to compose with a tilt-shift lens, versus using a WA zoom, and then later transforming the image.  After all, using a TS-E is WYSIWYG.  Ask  yourself, what (potentially great?) images might you lose, if you do not have WYSIWYG capability?

In my case, it's recently become a moot point.  I just received a refurbished medium format back, and I'm liquidating all my 35mm gear.  After all, I will have tilt-shift capability with all my lenses.

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