Canon EOS 6D. Upgrade?

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Re: Canon EOS 6D. Upgrade?

As a 6D(1), 6D2, and from very recently (just got it a week ago and did not find more time to check it out yet) - an EOS R user - I can tell you my thoughts about these cameras.

Before I used the 1000D (the simplest "Rebel") and 600D (a bit of an upgrade).

I got the 6D in 2013, so this was my first full frame camera. I was always chasing the "full frame effect" on portrait photos, which the APSC just did not deliver, and better high ISO performance. I was quite happy with the camera for years. Took it on hikes, vacation, family parties/ceremonies. The quality of the picture was very OK compared to cameras at that time, but the AF system narrowed down to the middle point. Which despite being super-sensitive, was a bummer (comparing to other, similarly priced cameras). So forget about catching any action (well maybe by increasing chances of when you'd bump up ther aperture value and shoot in bursts).

In 2016 our first baby was born. Since my photography mainly narrowed down to family photos, the youngling turned out to be a match for the 6D1's AF system. Taking photos turned into focusing in servo with the middle point, not even with recomposing, because the "subject" was too fast and not cooperative (does not understand what "stand still for a moment" means). When you watch mum doing something with the baby, and things just "happen" spontaneously, you do not have time for the "focus & recompose" style. So many shots just got wasted due to being out of focus, or I did not even manage to "pull the trigger" on them due to AF. So I started to think about changing.

I was waiting for the 6D2 to come out. I had high hopes, because of what the 6D1 turned out to be at the time it was launched. But when the 6D2 finally came out, I was just not impressed. 99% of the comments on-line just wasted this camera, but also my reason did not allow me to buy basically a 6D1 with some small feats added with that pricetag at launch. I waited, but no real alternative appeared on the horizon. I aimed for the 5D4- but the price was just too high to justify purchase for me as an amateur. I was thinking of going to Sony (mainly because of AF), but somehow could not cope with the fact I will ultimately have to sell my Canon gear (I don't think the lenses work 100% as they should on the adapters) for a % of the price I bought it for. As an amateur it just would not be an economical decision. Ultimately the price of the camera has gone down, I have assesed the pros and cons, and decided to purchase it fall of last year.

In terms of AF: 9 (1 cross type) on the 6D1 vs 45 points (all cross type) on the 6D2. Sounds impressive. But in reality they are clustered basically in the same amout of space in the viewfinder as in the mark I (you can check online comparisons). OK, but at least I can select an AF point closer to the outside of the AF area,I thought, so maybe it will be easier to keep the "rule of thirds" straight when I compose. Forget it. At least on my Sigma glass (sorry Canon, will not pay you for similar optical quality 2-3x more) the outer AF points are a bit of "hit and miss" on the outer focusing points. So it was "focus and recompose" still with the center point, or taking multiple shots, on many occasions. Also note that in the dark only the center point is super sensitive (-3 EV or something like that), while all the others not (-0,5 EV). In terms of picture quality, you do get the extra megapixels and it shows. The pictures from the mark II "pop" more. But I noticed that you have to set up higher shutter speeds to compensate for the higher Mp - it's more prone to handshake than the smaller sensor of the 6D1, so you will get blur on longer exposures (maybe 1/3rd of a stop should do to compensate). All in all I had very mixed feelings. Until I discovered Live View shooting. I did not pay attention to this feature on the mark II becaue on the original 6D (and previous cameras) it was crap. But with the Dual Pixel AF on the mark II it's super fast and precise. 6D2 also has face recognition (mostly catches focus correctly on eyes from closer distance). I did not use the touch screen shutter (or whatever it's called), just set up the focus point by touching the screen, and used back button focus in servo to constantly focus on the point I wanted and then took the picture. In LV I was very pleased with the results of autofocus. In regards to the picture quality though I do think the original 6D was still the winner. Except for the higher megapixels, the 6D2 does not offer more in terms of pushing the photos in Lightroom. I personally think that pushing shadows or exposure you get worse results than from the 6D1, where the picture is just clearer. But if you're not one of those "pixel peepers" you will not really notice any difference. I have printed A4 on paper or 50x70cm on canvas and you could not see the "different" quality of the 6D2 really.

As I wrote before, just got the R. Although I did not have much time to play with it yet, I see that the autofocus speed is better overall compared to both 6D1 and 6D2. Probably more comparable to the LV in 6D2 - as it's basically the same system (don't know whether the engineers tweaked it some more). In good light it aquires focus almost instantaneously. In low light when using the LED (turns of for a moment to acquire focus) almost as good as in daylight. When you turn that LED of, the camera sets focus a bit longer, but still gets it (same as in a DSLr- it takes a while longer). I don't have problems with AFMA anymore (did it on 6D and 6D2 to improve autofocus accuracy with all my lenses - a bit of a pain) - the focus is just where I want it to be. You can choose basically any point in the viewfinder to acquire focus - so can compose a shot whan you look through the VF. You have face/eye detection as an option. From pictures I have taken up to-date around the house none have missed focus. I did notice that in some situations the AF does hunt a bit more than you'd expect (Sigma 35mm and Canon 70-200, especilly at the longer end) - but I will hold back with commenting further on this subject until I put the camera/lenses to more of a test. And because the camera has basically the modified 5D4 sensor, image quality is superb, as well as it's an improved in the dynamic range against the 6D's. So for now I am happy with the R.

To sum up- all depends on your needs, and what you shoot. If you feel disappointed with the autofocus system on the 6D, the 6D2 will offer you some improvement (especially in LV). The R will be a totally different story. If the AF on the 6D does not limit you, I'd advise you to stick to it and keep making photos

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