Comparing sharpness of 16-80 to other lenses

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Re: Comparing sharpness of 16-80 to other lenses

tokumeino wrote:

It's only that, and nothing more : "The question was whether measured testing of a lens will inevitably result in an mtf chart that is worse than its manufacturer's theoretical mtf chart. The answer is no, because there is at least one lens for which this is not the case."

If you infer more, that's only you.

So, indeed, it's about MTF chart comparison in isolation only, totally unrelated to how it compares to actual lens performance (either simulated, or measured). Which is exactly what I already asked about, by the way, just to be told how I "just spectacularly missed the point", lol.

Thus we concluded that it is really possible to measure lens performance and end up with MTF chart which is better than manufacturer's theoretical MTF chart, no matter the methods used to output both. I guess free-hand drawing my approximative and unscientific measuring would serve the purpose, too. Quite a conclusion, indeed.

Silly me, I thought we're still discussing lens performance here.

But thanks for making it clear.

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