Comparing sharpness of 16-80 to other lenses

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Re: Comparing sharpness of 16-80 to other lenses

HatWearingFool wrote:

tokumeino wrote:

It's only that, and nothing more : "The question was whether measured testing of a lens will inevitably result in an mtf chart that is worse than its manufacturer's theoretical mtf chart. The answer is no, because there is at least one lens for which this is not the case."

If you infer more, that's only you.

But unless the simulated distance and all other variables are the same it’s a meaningless comparison. If roger changed his rig so the lens was 1 mm closer to the target his Meg graph would change a lot. At the point it might be better or worse than it is now. He might just be at a better distance for that lens. That’s why his graph doesn’t indicate that the physical lens out performed the model. He is likely measuring with slightly different variables. Just like different manufactures will make different assumptions in their models so you can’t compare them against each other.

Probably. But these considerations and explanations are far beyond the rather simple and limited Luvenis claim.

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