What lens should I get to complement my kit

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Re: What lens should I get to complement my kit

DoctorAngel848 wrote:

i currently have


Batis 25

An excellent street lens for many but too big/heavy/conspicuous for my tastes. I use Samyang AF 24/2.8 instead. Sony 28/2 is excellent for street imo. Also Samyang AF 35/2.8 is a good performer. I like them small for street. On A9 they still attract attention though but at least they are easier to use when shooting one handed from the chest as I do.

Batis 85

sony zeiss 50 mm

Another excellent street lens when you want to isolate your subject even more.

I mostly take landscape and portrait pictures. Sometimes I feel I need more reach specially for street photography.

It doesn't have the normal street vibe when longer than 50mm imo. I think it's down to longer lengths isolate the subject too much. Street is generally more appealing when you can see the environment in the background. That's partly why lots of folks zone focus and often are at F8 or more with FF. Well that and the increased dof makes it easier to get the subject in focus!

I was thinking about getting a 135mm prime lens but the GM are too expensive for my taste. How is the Batis compared to it ? Any other lens you would recommend?

I think you just have GAS! I have Minolta AF 135/2.8. I use it with LAE-A4 adaptor. It's good and reasonably priced but AF not comparable to EF lens and I'd want better if I already had the Batis 85.

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