Canon Profit and the camera industry

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Re: Actually worse than Nikkei estimate

justmeMN wrote:

ByronP wrote:

But, I would not get too excited by the new sensors as they were planned way before Canon or anyone else knew about the fall off of a cliff of camera sales in general and Canon's specifically.

Canon has a newish Industrial CMOS Senor business. In theory, that should mean that they actually increase sensor R&D.

While this may promote improvements to fabrication capabilities, industrial sensors tend to be very different from photographic sensors.  Industrial sensors tend to be small (1" size or smaller), low resolution (generally less than 4k 3840X2160) and are often tuned for B&W or infrared.  Industrial sensors tend to favor very high speed readout which is one aspect that could benefit photographic sensors.

Canon claims that the "market contraction [is] centered on entry-class DSLRs", so that would be the first product category to get any cuts.

While Canon's statement is true, my reaction is "ummm, duh".  Anyone with a pulse could have predicted the decline of entry level DSLRs quite a while ago.

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