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stevo23 wrote:

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MyReality wrote:

There is a lot of money in cliché's and risqué art.

Yes, infect one could reasonably say, unless you're a great dead artist, "cliche's and risqué" art is where the money is generally speaking.

Thomas Kinkade is worth a small fortune. Robert Mapplethorpe left quite an estate. Currently, there are a few stock photographers making very good money with old 3 to 5 mpx cameras for a retro color look. I recently read about one in DigitalPro Magazine.

It is easy to underestimate and put down other photographers when it is not your style.

Agreed wholeheartedly which was my point about photography when it comes to money... much of the time shooting what people want to see, find attractive, or unusually compelling, can often yield a considerably greater income (for far less work) than the typical art -school inspired standard affair.

Best in photography to you!

In the end, will the starving "pure artist" wish he/she had given in a bit to the commercial side of things, or will the commercial "cliche" artist feel like he/she has not contributed much meaning to humanity? At a certain point, you just get old and want to be comfortable and happy. Or so I hear.

I think that's an easy question to answer. You can always be true to yourself and shoot, paint, or sculpt your own art; however, you can't always exploit a particular market and wring it for all it's worth before that market bottoms out.

It's a stretch to think that the cliché artist isn't contributing to "humanity" because arguably, many cliche' artists contributes more to humanity and their work directly relates to and illustrates changes in humanity, more-so than many traditional works.

My personal opinion (and I say this in a respectful non-inflammatory, but serious manner) is that "comfortable and happy" requires more than an average amount of money... especially if you want to be able to choose your neighbors and what side of town your home is on.

Thought you said it's easy to answer?

You got me on that one

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