Which camera is dropped in water by Spiderman character?

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Re: Ridicule (Middle Age men) for shooting with dedicated Camera

007peter wrote:

I ♥ spiderman, but that scene bother me. It is yet another

  • Ridicules Middle Age men for shooting with a dedicated camera
  • that scene add (nothing to the plot) of the movie
  • that scene was completely unnecessary to Peter Parker & the Spiderman
  • why was that specific scene added? Other than making fun of middle age men?

Every seconds counts in filming & screen writing, thus any plot or scene that slow-down-the-movie is usually removed/cut in the editing. I thought that scene was completely unnecessary:

  • That male teacher was already portraits as a LOSER in the 1st movie
  • and having No Friends to take a photo of him, further established his LOSER identity
  • then having him drop an expensive Leica was simply adding SALT to the wounds

Wouldn't it be more efficient to write him off completely? Why adding him as a comic relief other than making fun of middle age camera shooter? Anyhoot, I hope you all saw the movie to understand what I am talking about.

I think that you have taken that comic moment a bit too personaly.

Can you think of a gender,age group, race,nationality or profession that hasn't had someone making fun of it ?

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