Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

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Re: Affordable flashunits with Bowens-Mount

UnknownReader wrote:

Hello Everyone!

I am sharing a small 25qm studio with a few friends and we are curious which flash system you would recommend. We have used a very old, an almost dead Multiblitz Flashsystem in the past and "upgraded" to a portable Jinbei System about 2 years ago. This portable system literally went on fire and since then our trust in this china tech has suffered big time.

We dont need anything super fancy with super short recycle times or huge screens. But something more or less reliable would be nice! Because we already have all possible lightmodifiers and stands etc we are searching for flashheads exclusively. 200 or 300ws should be strong enough, maybe even a bit too strong? Hss would be lovely for the f1,8 shooters, but its not a must!

the idea was to buy 3 flash heads and one additional one as a backup/ or some spare parts. Our budget is 400-800€.

some solutions have caught our attention, but maybe there is more!

#1 Walimex Flashes VC 300 Link

i have used them once, and they seem to be fine. maybe a bit too strong

#2 Godox Sk300 II Link

wow are they cheap. can they be any good or good enough?

#3 some used good old Bowens

i have rented one years ago. except of them beeing too strong, they seemed to be fine

The Godox SK300II is being replaced by the MS300 (and the MS200). We haven't seen any evaluation of the MS series yet but Godox kit is generally quite reliable and fit for purpose. They have built in radios which allow you to control the settings of each light from the trigger on your camera. They are part of a very large range of lights which are all controllable from the same trigger.

Godox triggers are camera brand specific. If you decide to go the Godox route you and your friends will need to buy a trigger which matches your camera brand. There are several different sorts of Godox trigger available I'd recommend that you go for the Pro over the X1T or X2T.

If you are interested in the 300Ws MS300 or the 200Ws Ms200 you will see that they are being offered on from China. I'd strongly recommend waiting until they are being shipped directly from Amazon and then to buy one plus a trigger and evaluate it yourself. if it's not what you need you can return it and look for something else. If it's OK (and I'm reasonably confident it will be) then you can but another 3. For lights will cost you ~€400 so you will have money left over for triggers.

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