Focus Bracketing with the new Sony A7Riv

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Re: Focus Bracketing with the new Sony A7Riv

This is all great info, and I love your stacked photographs! I would just like to add that the latest firmware update to the Olympus EM1 MkII gives this fabulous camera many of the same features as the EM1X —including dramatically increasing the number of images that can be stacked in-camera. I think it can stack 9 images now, which is more than my own macros ever required. In addition, I have seen new copies of the EM1MMkII discounted to US$1599 lately, so it’s priced quite competitively. Arthur

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Michael A Schwartz wrote:

I also have been manually bracketing and get good results. Unfortunately it's time consuming and tedious. A system like the one used by Olympus and Panasonic would be quite helpful. I use the Cognisys Rail for desktop shooting but it would be too cumbersome for use in the field.

You can get an Olympus body and macro lens for the same total weight and price as the Sony FE90/2.8.

The Olympus E-M10mkII and III have bracketing and don't cost much if you want the cheapest possible.

Also the E-M5mkII has a good quality weather sealing and a fully articulating screen so easy to always see what you do no matter how you place it. I hang mine upside down in the tripod column which makes it really easy to come down where ever one wants. A note on the E-M5mkII is that the III is supposed to arrive soon so don't pay too much.

Also the E-M1mkI, II and X all have good weather sealing and both bracketing and stacking in camera. The mkI does not have a fully articulating screen so from that generation I think the E-M5mkII is a better choice.

Also the nice looking, but not weather sealed Pen-F does bracketing and has a fully articulated screen.

Panasonic also has several bodys that can do bracketing just as good. I am not read up on those at the moment so you need to check those out yourself.

Panasonic macros: 30/2.8 1:1 or 45 /2.8 1:1
Olympus macros: 30/3.5 1,25:1 or 60/2.8 1:1.

I like the Panasonic 30, cheap and really sharp but no weather sealing. And I like the Olympus 60/2.8 which has good weather sealing. In camera stacking on Olympus bodys needs an Olympus lens but the bracketing works with any of them.

A thing to remember is that 1:1 on m4/3 is like 2:1 on FF. So you get really close.

All stacks below are about 35 images shot in camera and stacked in Helicon Focus.

The only thing you need to set is:
Number of images (up to 999)
How long focus jump it should do between them (one learns by testing)
Starting focus point, just tap the touch screen (or set manually)

Some examples

The rig

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