Canon Profit and the camera industry

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The always "more" concept

Digital camera sales were riding a high when film died. Everyone who wanted to take pics needed to buy a digital camera of some type. Large sales volume. The market became saturated and then along came camera phones. The people who were the instamatic type film shooters that bought digital now found that they didn't need a camera. Sales started dropping. This result was easy to predict. Cameras have become and will stay a specialty device just like SLR cameras and high end range finder cameras where during the film days. Wall Street always expect a "more" market. Unless a business can continue to sell more every year and make more money, Wall Street doesn't like this business. Of course, this approach is not sustainable. No business can continue to keep selling and making "more" forever. Not meeting the "more" model doesn't mean a business is doomed as long as they have a enough market and profits. New and amazing technology for the pros and enthusiasts will drive sales somewhat in that limited market, but I don't think it will make a huge difference because the phone folks don't care and some (maybe) many enthusiasts find their gear is satisfactory.


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