Canon Profit and the camera industry

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nnowak Veteran Member • Posts: 5,244
Actually worse than Nikkei estimate

Canon released their half year report on the 24th, so we can speak to the real numbers instead of the Nikkei estimate.  Overall, Canon profits are dropping by 37%, but Imaging division profits are dropping by 50% compared to 2018.  Imaging division profits for 2018 were down 33% compared to 2017.

In two years, the number of cameras sold is dropping by 29% on both a unit basis and value basis, but Imaging Division profits are dropping a total of 64%.  Basically, the number of cameras Canon are selling is dropping, but profits on those sales are dropping far, far faster.

The Nikkei article pointed to a decline in sales of office devices in Europe for the declining profits, but profits for the Office division are down only 12.9%.

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