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EVF & shutter count

peppermonkey wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

... fairly recently, in order to have the smallest possible backup camera for my system that consists mainly of Olympus bodies, mostly Olympus lenses and compact cameras from the LX series (LX3 and LX7 previously with the LX7 still in use, and now LX100).

I was VERY glad that I had thrown the little fella in my camera bag for a trip to China early this year, because I managed to break my LX100 on the second day of the trip with a nasty fall on the Chinese Wall, and then a week or so later, my EM-1 gave up with shutter fatigue (I should have seen that coming).

While waiting to be able to replace the E-M1 in Hong Kong with a "new" (barely used) second-hand copy in one of the numerous shops there, the GM-5 was the only camera I had left to do all the photography for a whole week, often in iconic places (like the DragonBone rice terraces). It performed very very well, even without IBIS and non-stabilized lenses.

While in Hong Kong, I took the opportunity to also buy a stabilized Panasonic 100-300mm lens, in order to have a stabilized telephoto option for the GM5. The combo looks unbalanced (and it IS also unbalanced : don't use the neckstrap...), but really operates nicely.

...that would be the GM1 Lol, sorry, just being an A$$. Should probably look into getting a GM5 as well even though I love my GM1.

Yes, true, I should have said : smallest possible with a viewfinder (which is a necessity for me - LCD alone does not cut it).

In any case, shutter fatigue? Approximately what was your shutter count for your E-M1? You generally don't hear about anyone wearing out their shutters (unless they are pros....). Just curious.

I am semi-pro (check out my website - books are under JOBS).

I make easily a few thousand images in any given month (and more when I am on assignment or travelling).

Your curiosity made ME curious.

My back-upped RAW files for 2018 are between 19.000 and 20.000 for private stuff and between 12.000 and 13.000 for jobs (those are the ones I keep, already having deleted the really bad duds).

I don't have the broken E-M1 anymore (I am using two replacements now; one that I already owned since 2017 and the "new" one from Hong Kong), but my shutter count on that broken down camera must easily have been 100.000 clicks.

Moreover, I really abuse my cameras (they are tools, not jewelry).  So I suppose that may also lead to slightly faster wear and tear (also for internal components that get bumped around a lot).

Suffice it to say that I am not terribly surprised when at a certain point a shutter or aperture mechanism on a lens or any such component just gives up.

Strangely, I think I use my GM1 way more than my main camera (GX8). It's just so conveniently small for me to take everywhere...

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