Canon Profit and the camera industry

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Re: Canon Profit and the camera industry

justmeMN wrote:

ByronP wrote: When things like this happen it forces companies to change their strategic investments no matter what we as customers like about their products.

Declining DSLR sales has already caused a strategic change.

"Amid this situation, we will steadily shift our focus from DSLR to mirrorless cameras..."

- Canon, April 24, 2019

It may be wishful thinking, but perhaps poor camera sales will inspire Canon to try harder.

And, things like this that happens to the market share leader, if true seem to snowball down in one way or another to the rest of the industry. So if true????? hold on tight as the ride could prove to be interesting.

Nikon is scheduled to release their quarterly financial results on August 6th.

Smartphone manufacturers are also having a bad quarter:

Samsung sees 'challenges' ahead after profit drops 56% in second quarter

Virtually every Apple business grew in every region this quarter—except the iPhone

LG Profit Down 15%, Appliances Offset Smartphone Loss

All things considered, Canon isn't doing that badly. Sony has their profitable image sensor business to prop them up, but is not immune either

Sony cuts sales forecast as almost everything starts to shrink

Canon knows how to ride out the storm. They've done it before.

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