The Olympus TG-6 is a macro beast

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Re: Hoping this will help

rolandb wrote:

With the TG-5, I believe I'm correct, you can use the 2 sec timer when in microscope mode but NOT if you switch to focus stacking,,

So with that in mind I bought one of these.

It velcros around the camera with the cable release over the shutter button, so should be ok for times I have the cam on a tripod.

For times when I'm hand holding the camera, I'm wondering if I place the cam on a small ' GorillaPod' I may be able to hold the cam with only one hand and press the release with the other.

I can't speak for the TG-5...but with the TG-6, while you can't use the standard shutter delay with stacking, you can still select a pre-shot delay by going to Menu > Focus Stack Settings > Start Waiting Time (0-30 seconds).

For regular macro shots, you don't have to use a two second can use a custom 1 second delay which is nicer and the camera will remember this for repeat shots.

Obviously using a flash will also help immensely with camera shake and non-stacking macros.  A tripod (like a gorillapod) could be a cool idea...I haven't used one yet for macro but will have to try it in the future.

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