GM5 miscellaneous camera size issues

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Re: GM5 miscellaneous camera size issues

Guy Parsons wrote:

I am one of those who found the GM1/GM5 size too small for a system camera, plus I wanted good IBIS so ended up with Oly E-P5 as a more comfortable (for me) size to suit any size lens.

When I wanted small I went to GM5 size but in Sony-land and that one included an excellent "24-200mm" lens built in.

Thanks to

Nevertheless I do admire your collection of GM5 and large lenses.

Regards..... Guy

I do have some small lenses as well.

But in the end my point is that the GM1/5 are full systems cameras - the smallest made in the M4/3 system whilst the Sony RX100 series cameras are just well made compact cameras - such style of compact cameras are made by Panasonic as (LX) and other manufacturers.  These are the types of cameras that should be compared in my estimation.

But the GeM bodies do get regularly trotted out as possible RX100 bait.

So whilst there are some grounds for comparison - if you just want compact cameras with folding zoom lenses.  The GeM series cannot compete there - I see them as just very small cameras and not “pocketable” ones.

Try and fit a fast prime - (say) a 42.5/1.2 Nocticron type lens, the Olympus 75/1.8 and where is the RX100 then? I have never missed the lack of any stabilisation whatsoever in combining the 75/1.8 with a GM5.

But we all have our own personal needs - I actually like being able to pick and choose whether I fit a GM5 or G9 to any given lens.  This is the whole point of a system that has multiple camera body styles and sizes.

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