Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

mmarian wrote:

Ian L wrote:

AZBlue wrote:

You don't need TS lenses for real estate shoots. Software make it much faster, easier, and nobody will notice or care. Here's a great video on the topic:


That's definitely a cool technique. But it would only work in circumstances where whatever needs to be filled in is basically random patterns (grass, wood, carpet, blank wall etc). Plus I'm not really sure it's faster doing that technique. I haven't worked with a TS lens so I can't speak from experience but it feels like using a TS lens would have been quicker then his process. And i'm not sure his way is easier.

However, his way is definitely cheaper. And you are probably right that most people wont notice. although my goal is to eventually be shooting for higher end clients. I want the clients that will notice, because that'll push me into taking better shots.

I am doing this as my primary means of earning an income, but I'm also doing it because I enjoy it, and want to get better at it.

I realize having a TS lens will probably only be of benefit 10% of the time, probably more like 5%. For me it really comes down to will that 5% difference result in me getting the top 5% clients?

I think I've decided to get the 17mm canon ts lens. Worst case scenario if it turns out i don't wind up using it enough or don't get enough benefit from it, I can turn around and sell it and minimize my losses.

I think once you get the 17mm TS-E lens and perhaps 24mm or 1.4 teleconverrer for 17mm later, you will find using them 100% or 90% of the time. Shooting with them is not as complicated and time consuming as some here allude. I would suggest to also get a Manfrotto geared head for precise framing adjustment. The only issue with 17mm is flaring. Anyway possible I try to shield the bulging front element with hand from any direct or even indirect sunlight or downlights in interiors. Good luck with your endeavor!!

well at least I'm already one step ahead...already have a manfrotto head just need to get an extra mounting plate now if I'll be shooting with two cameras

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