Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

Michael Fryd wrote:

mamallama wrote:


Yes, I do know smartphone companies have money to burn. Companies like Apple and Google are expanding their already huge footprint here in Silicon Valley with more large R&D campus complexes from Mountain View to San Jose. The camera part of smartphones is one of the areas where the technology is most expanding.

Actually, companies like Apple are doing a lot of R&D for smartphones in general, some of which bleed over into better cameras.

Apple's research includes faster and lower power processors to power all smart phone functions, including cameras.

The neural networks that enable Siri to make better suggestions also can auto-edit photos.

Faster graphics processors are designed to provide better game play, but also can be used for image processing.

Specialized processors that provide real time encryption for security, are also very good as things like image compression.

Most if the areas were "camera technology is most expanding" are really areas where general phone improvements are being leveraged into additional camera functionality.

That does not contradict anything I said: "The camera part of smartphones is one of the areas where the technology is most expanding".

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