The Olympus TG-6 is a macro beast

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Re: The Olympus TG-6 is a macro beast

Loraine Arnold wrote:

Great pictures. I have the FD-1 also. Do you use it all the time ? I am not quite sure when to use it or when not to.

I don't know if most users use the flash as much as I do.  Because I prefer to shoot macros without a tripod and mostly in max zoom, to me it really helps.  I also like how it brings out the colors and dynamic range in the subjects.  Practically speaking...if my macro subject isn't being stacked, I'm using the FD-1.  The FD-1 has a great secondary benefit in acting as a defacto lens hood which provides good protection for the camera.

The FD-1 is great of course but there are times when stacking (or even bracketing) is better...especially with 3D subjects.

Below is a parasitic dodder plant attacking another plant.  The first image is without stacking and the second is makes a huge difference.  The cool thing about the TG-6 is you can change stacking tolerances...lower when it is windy and higher for better quality.

TG-6 - Regular Macro - No Stack/No Flash

TG-6 - Stacked Macro - No Flash

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