Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

sportyaccordy wrote:

tbcass wrote:


I do not believe that is true and you don't know that either. In fact what I see is just the opposite, The vast majority are casual photographers and care little about the quality of their camera phones. They find they are good enough now.

Of course it's true. If casual smartphone users don't care about the cameras, why are phone companies spending so much effort and money to upgrade them? Why do phone review sites have in depth sections on the cameras, testing IQ and performance? Why are websites like DPR and DxO increasingly covering and reviewing phone cameras? Seems like a lot of effort for something nobody cares about.


Let's assume that most people don't really care which smartphone they have, as long as it offers the basic functionality they want.  The challenge for a manufacturer is to steer them to their brand, and preferably a higher end model.

One way to do this is an emotional appeal that their phone is somehow better than the competition.  Even a small difference can be enough to steer a customer who doesn't really care what he/she buys.

This is why there was a software update recently so that some existing AT&T phones now show "5GE" in areas they previously displayed "LTE".   The connection is exactly the same, but AT&T believes that customers are more likely to buy a phone that claims to work with 5G cellular.  Note that the actual functionality doesn't really matter, only how it is marketed.

When it comes to cameras, it's easy to promote insignificant changes as important.  Customers "know" that 20 megapixels is better than "10", even if the resulting images end up looking the same.   Customers "know" that "professional portrait mode" is better, even if it's something they never use.

In other words, smartphone manufacturers know that marketing is important.  it's easy to sell better "cameras" to people who don't really understand the difference.

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