Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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sportyaccordy wrote:

Cameras are the main if not only reason people are upgrading their phones these days, which is why phone companies are pouring so much R&D money into them. Performance otherwise is more than good enough and has been for years.

I do not believe that is true and you don't know that either. In fact what I see is just the opposite, The vast majority are casual photographers and care little about the quality of their camera phones. They find they are good enough now.

Of course it's true. If casual smartphone users don't care about the cameras, why are phone companies spending so much effort and money to upgrade them? Why do phone review sites have in depth sections on the cameras, testing IQ and performance? Why are websites like DPR and DxO increasingly covering and reviewing phone cameras? Seems like a lot of effort for something nobody cares about.

It's the whole package I suspect. People need enough added improvements to make them part with their money. Upgrade my 12Mp camera to 16Mp and change nothing else? Not interested myself.

I'm sure the makers are doing massive studies to determine what they can do to get people to buy the next smartphones, they would know this answer better than us and I wonder if they're willing to tell.

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