Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

tbcass wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Cameras are the main if not only reason people are upgrading their phones these days, which is why phone companies are pouring so much R&D money into them. Performance otherwise is more than good enough and has been for years.

I do not believe that is true and you don't know that either. In fact what I see is just the opposite, The vast majority are casual photographers and care little about the quality of their camera phones. They find they are good enough now.

Of course it's true. If casual smartphone users don't care about the cameras, why are phone companies spending so much effort and money to upgrade them? Why do phone review sites have in depth sections on the cameras, testing IQ and performance? Why are websites like DPR and DxO increasingly covering and reviewing phone cameras? Seems like a lot of effort for something nobody cares about.

Camera phone advocates constantly declare that the camera phones as they exist are good enough for the vast majority of the population and then turn around and say it's the driving force behind sales. You can't have it both ways.

Yes, for SOME phone users, existing phones are good enough. For SOME, they want more, and are large enough in number that it's warranted investment by phone makers, and increased coverage by photography and tech sites. Phone users, like camera users, or any group of people, are not a monolith moving and thinking in lockstep.

I get it- you hate camera phones and want them to go away. But don't confuse your wishes with facts. Even if cell phone sales cut in half, that's still a hundred million iPhones and 500 million phones in total- orders of magnitude higher than the 5-6 million or so ILC sales the industry will probably settle at. If you really think people are going to stop taking pictures with phones you're either crazy or completely clueless.

Why would I want camera phones to go away? I find mine very useful for many things, use it all the time, find it good for what I use it for and wouldn't buy a phone without one. I will not delude myself into believing they will ever be anywhere near as good as my dedicated cameras.

I have never claimed them to be comparable to dedicated cameras; quite the opposite actually. But your implication that only dedicated camera users care about camera IQ is flat out wrong.

It's amusing the way you are attempting to deflect the discussion to something that is totally irrelevant to the discussion like some politician who doesn't have a good argument.

I didn't bring up phones, AOC did... and as always, YOU were all to eager to follow him on said deflection.

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