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tbcass wrote:

I used to make the same argument relative to sensor resolution but when I did some fine art photographers who print 24x36 and larger photos claimed they need all the resolution they can get because people would stare at their photographs at distances of a foot or so in an effort to find details. I know I do it myself when I see large photos at shows and I have seen others do it as well. It seems the larger the photo the closer people tend to get. Another consideration is the tendency of people to view photos at 100% on their computer screens for the same reason. It's fun to pick out details in the photo.

That's a fair enough point. I was mostly thinking along my own experience because my main print size is close to what you had chosen, but now that you mention it I have also seen the tendency for people to get up close to really large prints. In 2012, I attended a show at the University of Chicago of work by Dawoud Bey where most of the prints were from large format film and were printed very large - like 4-5' on the long side - and I admit that getting up close to them made a world of difference in the impact they had on me. I had seen some of them online previously and wasn't really blown away, but in person it was another thing altogether.

From an article about the show:

If you like detail, and also a bit of cinematic surrealism, you might like the work of Gregory Crewdson if you don't already know it. He lives for massive amounts of detail, his prints are huge typically, and alot of the fun is looking through them to pick out fine details he includes despite the overall theme of the image itself being interesting in its own right. Also, if you like history, take a look at if you have never checked it out. Lots of hi-res scans of turn-of-the-century 8x10 plates and later medium format images as well. Tons of of detail and the clarity almost makes you feel like you're there in person. Much fun to be had.

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