Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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And yes, smartphone users want all that too.

So no, while some would very much wish to indulge the wishful thought that smartphone photography R&D will peter out and evaporate like a bad dream, the reality will be anything but that.

I don't want smartphone R&D to peter out. I still say that the vast majority of smartphone users find the cameras of their phones just fine the way they are and more features and R&D into the cameras will do little if anything to spur sales. When that happens R&D will go into other things besides the camera.

These smartphone companies got R&D money to burn. So don't expect R&D into smartphone cameras to stop.

You don't know that and if true you have no idea they will not diverte R&D to other areas of smartphone tech. The only reason smartphones are sold is to produce profits. If cameras in phones no longer contribute to those profits, camera improvements will stall.

I don't understand people who are so obsessed with a cause, such as phones taking down the camera business, that they will constantly spew so much hyperbole and conjecture. So many claims, with so little fact.

It's like they need this to happen.

No different than the ML users hoping like hell that DSLRs vanish. All for the "see, I told you".

So true. I have never understood the zealotry. They literally have zero stake in the issues they argue endlessly about, other than winning the argument. They can't seem to grasp that nobody cares what they think.

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