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Re: I don't use Olympus anymore .......well occasionally

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Good marketing. Concidering all face and eye detect are pdaf the camera is going to focus on the closest part of t h e animal anyway.guess which part of that's going to be

No. It actually attempts to focus on the eye. Nothing else. In practice it can fail. Have you used it.


You wouldn’t no what it was focusing on because the dof on the dog was in front of the eye.

What are you going on about? Depends on the dog and angles

The eye wasn’t in the center of the focus plane. Good PDAF though.

I have no idea which article or video you are commenting on because there were many inn that link.

I ve done a lot of reading and testing my own system. And eye detect is a big con.

On YOUR system it may be. Same as the Z was recently heavily tested here and DPR explained the struggles. Sony's eye af has been used by hundreds or thousands of member here consistently over the years and is demonstrably accurate.

no it’s not. Didn’t you see the a74 tests was miles out.

Yes. I cannot answer that one. The errors I saw were a pre release body and prerelease lens. I would "assume" firmware but don't know

Yes. AsAs I said go do some serious testing and you will figure it out

I have. I own an a7iii and a7rii. I made a dummy rig and purposefully set the eyeball an inch back from the "eyelashes" . Consistently the camera would focus on the PUPIL in AF-c. FWIW it focused on the eyelash in AF-s. I only ran the test one time so why the AF-s failed I couldn't gather. I also didn't care because I don't shoot dummy heads. I shoot humans and use

i came to the same conclusion as you on my Olympus. It couldn’t face or eye detect using saf only caf. I rang Olympus and they told me that face and eye detect use PDAF only. And my camera wasn’t  applyinglens correction. It was miles out until I did a lens adjustment and used caf face detect. The other night it worked flawlessly taking 500 full body portraits. Olympus still haven’t got back to me so it’s interesting you have the same problem as I had.


I h.dofof plays a big part of the con .and PDAF is go into focus on the closest eye anyway when a face is turned. It’s about as funny as someone the other day posting that his phone has great face detect on a full body portrait lol . Of coarse it did because the dof is 10 feet

Yes. BUT I am not talking about using a cellphone. You expanded the conversation to human eye AFC and I regularly use 1.4 lenses at close distances and the a7iii with human eye detect RARELY misses.

. As I said I have done some extensive testing in my studio over the last week .

With an a7iii.....or any other recent Sony model? Even my a7rii does a decent job.

You are better off using back button focus lock

You can use BBF for eye detect on the recent a7xx models. That is how I shoot

and Caf tracking.

That is essentially what CeyeAf is. It just automatically hunts the eye instead of you having to isolate it. On the recent Sony models it is just faster than me to identify, very accurate, and tracks tenaciously

For half body shots and head and shoulders.

You know not all cameras operate the same way right.........




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