Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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You and others always emphasize that smartphone photography is good enough for the vast majority of the population. The problem with all this is the vast majority of phone users are happy with the photographs their phones produce now so all this computational photography won't spur phone sales, which are in decline, enough to matter. Because of that research into improving phone photography will stall.

As I said in another post, these smartphone companies got R&D money to burn, particularly Apple. So don't expect R&D into smartphone cameras to stop. They have their sights beyond today's smartphone cameras. They are a predatory company and see bigger mountains to climb. That is what is frightening some camera companies.

You repeat these things a lot but do you have any evidence at all of the camera manufacturers saying they are frightened of phone companies and their "bigger mountains"...?

Why do you think Leica has restructured to form a group to hire a team of software photography experts? That, to me is evidence that they are concerned they need to shift gears.

So Leica's interest in software means "camera companies are frightened of phone companies".

Restructuring with emphasis on photographic software experts (not just workers) is not just casual interest. That is my evidence that you asked for.

That's not evidence. You're assigning meaning to fit your agenda here. You have no idea what these camera companies are thinking, let alone "frightened" of.

Sorry but you are confused between proof and evidence.

No, I do not have board room recordings of proof that they were shaking in their boots with fright.

It's all just the usual hyperbole then ?

Of course.

You can make your own interpretation.

I'm not looking for interpretation, I asked for actual evidence and you have none.

I gave you evidence, You are confused between evidence and proof.

There are lots of evidence that camera makers are frighten by smartphones eating their lunch.

Yet you use a claim that Leica is venturing into new things as your evidence that "camera companies are frightened of phone companies".

So much evidence... yet incapable of presenting anything but conjecture.


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