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You know, at this point it's pretty obvious based on your replies to me and other posters that you're really only trying to win arguments

There is nothing to "win". You and others are dropping pointless arguments based on how you THINK the technology performs. Those that I am "arguing" with have zero experience first hand or even reading about it

and not much more. To be frank, I don't have the time to waste getting caught up any further with it, so I'm done.

You mean you realize you are wrong and taking the cowards way out?

Take it whatever way you wish, I've said what I set out to and a bit more, others can read and decide for themselves the value in it. No hard feelings or ill intent towards you in any way, but time to move on.

Before you do will you maybe look at this

You seem to pride yourself on knowledge .  Well there it is since you won't listen to the three of us that have actually used the feature. That frequent forums where it is discussed.

Also FWIW, in my last intro to photo class, all 5 of my students had D3xxx series cameras. All were female, mainly middle-age, and wanting to move into real cameras over their phones for a variety of reasons. Make of that what you will, just relating it anecdotally.

I make of that last comment you really want a pedantic argument about something that I am not having. This was a conversation about a feature. Since you pride yourself as an "educator" you would do well to learn about the topic you discuss. Speaking from a position of ignorance is .....well.......

Read through those first links (obviously skipping press releases and official Sony marketing) and watch a handful of those videos. They aren't even universal praise. On the average they all match up with what I laid out in my first post.

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