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Re: Peter Lik in the pudding

SonyOB wrote:

All attempts to depict reality from an ideological starting point have failed, whether religious, communist, fascist –or postmodern progressive. While I pointed out the postmodern Neo-Marxists, I did not take sides for the conservative idiots who are plentiful also and have a grim history with reality.

The problem is the natural world. It is too complicated to be explained through dogmas and word games created behind desks. You try to impose your ideology on its mechanisms and you get a kick in the face –unless you are well protected among your peers who shout down anybody who presents views or data that goes against the credo.

I am not imposing ideology, just confronting the one you are using.

Your only argument is based on one badly conducted study from the seventies.
I find that a bit scarce.

No, you are using the constructs from the results of one badly conducted study. You have presented no evidence that the terminology you use is relevant.

You also seem to take disagreeing with your ideas as an insult.
As it is, I do not see your contributions worth any further attention and I bow out.

Again with the dismissal instead of a reasoned argument.

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