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Re: ((chuckle))...

Aaron801 wrote:

I have to wonder how much money the folks who license those images make...?

My guess isn't much today. You could make a decent amount 20 years ago. Even in the late 90's, CD's of stock nature shots would often go for $450-$700 a set.

Either way, what I'm saying is that to me Lik's work resembles that stuff.

Agreed... however I will say that much of his work looks better than most of the stuff I see that resembles his shots. I don't mind that he composites at all.

Sure, I get the idea of "appealing to the masses," in order to make a buck, but to me this is so obvious as to go without saying. I was saying that for me the man's work is soulless and cliche and I don't see how any kind of explanation about how he appeals to the masses is going to change my view of it.

That's something to be appreciated as well-- there's nothing at all wrong about your view regarding art. There's something to be said about those who put their heart and soul into their work.

What's compelling to me about art is not how people are able to make money from it but as a vehicle for personal expression.

Like... a Ferrari.

(couldn't help myself)

Some artists are in my mind able to combine both, expression and profit, while some are able to do only one of these...

Agreed-- there is something really special about those who can manage to do both; soulful and aesthetically beautiful or work that makes a gripping statement that leaves one thinking and or art that fosters meaningful conversation regarding the respective topic or piece.

In my last post I meant to write:

"Same with porn in the late 1990's and early oughts; You could make a few thousand monthly taking expertly metered portraits with perfect flighting, negotiating a view camera, etc.. or you could make the same amount of money *before the end of a work week*  shooting a D1x, horrible flat lighting, and unflattering scenes and below average subjects...

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It's nice that there's a plethora of various art to please the lot of us whether the art be superficial renditions or rich soulful pieces that touch us at our core.  You have a nice view of art.  Thanks for sharing it.

Best in photography to you Aaron

Teila K. Day

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