Godox Cross platform trigger and receiver question

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Re: Godox Cross platform trigger and receiver question

tugwilson wrote:

kli wrote:

You should have full TTL/HSS/remote power support over the V1-S and AD200 Pro. It may make sense, if you are selling off your Nikon gear, to sell the SB-900 and use the money towards an additional Godox speedlight with a built-in transceiver (e.g., TT600, V850II, TT685, V860II, or V1).

Just to echo this advice. Sell your Nikon branded strobes and buy Godox if you are moving from Nikon to Sony. It will cost you very little money (you might even make a small profit) and it will save you a ton of hassle.

I'll go farther and say even if you want to keep Nikon cameras and your Nikon flash, buy a Godox hotshoe flash anyhow. They're cheap enough and you'll have full compatibility.


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