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Jacob the Photographer
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For a long time I contemplated to start a web site "Dear Camera Maker" , with just one purpose: Suggest camera makers a new feature - improvement on a camera - tell about a crazy menu problem etc.
But being an retired photographer with more interesting activities as managing such a web site I think it would be a great sub-site in DPreview.
NOT in the forum!!
It should be a purpose built section , moderated per camera (brand) by real specialists (Brand importers ?) to filter out nonsense suggestions (Can I have my Nikon in pink ?) .
It should be setup to restrict the amount of text:
A good idea requires very little text - 2 years ago I suggested Fuji to add a red screen option to the LCD screen - for night photography. One line of text was all it needed.
It should be sectioned by brand / Camera model. Maybe restricted to the top models that often get firmware updates.
Finally it should have a voting system , where users can vote for a suggestion.
Cheers from Australia !

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