Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

sportyaccordy wrote:

Fregoli wrote:

Excellent post, yet again.

It seems that some others see smartphones as such an existential threat that they have lost all semblance of objectivity.

The fact is that, as you astutely observe, computational photography is very much in its infancy. To issue bold pronouncements that users of fast glass will have no interest in it is to underestimate its tremendous growth potential in the years ahead.

No, nobody feels threatened. These days, most shooting I do is with my cellphone. Amazingly, when I pick up my A7R2, it still works great! I, like many, like having options.

It's the constant deluge of fallacies and lies from smartphone zealots like you and mammallama. No, computational photography is not in its infancy. It's as old as digital photography. My D40 from 2005 had in body DRO. My 2012 NEX-C3 had multi-shot noise reduction and sweep panorama mode

You think that's computational? That's like calling a typewriter high tech.

Sorry, what today's smartphones are doing dwarfs what your NEX-C3 did in 2012.

You can call the abacus a calculator, but it's no TI-89.

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