Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

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Re: Why do you buy fast lenses/cameras?

tbcass wrote:

You and others always emphasize that smartphone photography is good enough for the vast majority of the population. The problem with all this is the vast majority of phone users are happy with the photographs their phones produce now so all this computational photography won't spur phone sales, which are in decline, enough to matter. Because of that research into improving phone photography will stall.

Strong consumer demand is precisely what undergirds the smartphone photography revolution. Phone users wanted more resolution, then they got it. Next, they wanted more "zoom," so they got it with additional wide-and-tele optical modules. Then, they wanted better dynamic range, so they got that with the latest Pixels and iPhones.

Now, I hear the upcoming iPhones will now not only allow one to adjust DOF after the fact, as current ones do, but also permit users to change the perspective of the shot.

And yes, smartphone users want all that too.

So no, while some would very much wish to indulge the wishful thought that smartphone photography R&D will peter out and evaporate like a bad dream, the reality will be anything but that.

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