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There are people who wait months and years to get just the right shot. This guy appears to peddle some fake version of reality that anyone can concoct and digital artists do all the time.

Oh good grief.. There's a marked difference between "doing it" and doing it and actually selling the work through your own gallery and getting well paid.

I see nothing more in his images than the cheap, dime a dozen wallpaper backgrounds we see on the Internet.

Well you can't hang those dime-a-dozen backgrounds on your wall now can you? But you can hang a huge Lik print on your wall, unlike most dime-a-dozen shots on the internet.

You remind me of people who slave at some ratty-behind 9-5 job all day long going on about how Rap music isn't really music, is just simple to make, isn't original, so easy to make that even their kid can do it... Yet here they sit, 20-30 years later still in their same crummy job, making the same crummy money... going on about how easy it is to create the same product that others are making hundreds of millions of dollars from.

I say, if it's that easy- why aren't you doing it?...

Yeah.. exactly..

I don't really agree with the "anyone can do it" part as I credit Lik as a pretty skilled photographer.

Hi Aaron


I do agree though that the work is of a pretty generic, "this ought to match the couch" variety. Ikea has in its frame section mass produced prints that are framed and good to go. All of the art is really of a generic variety as the artists aren't credited and the look of the stuff seems to be designed far more for mass appeal (for decorative purposes) than it is to show off any kind of personality of the artists.

If you want to make a lot of money in almost anything, you have to appeal to the masses. You can own a fancy, horribly expensive upscale eatery and get paid $$$ or you can own a McDonald's in a high traffic area where your "cooks" don't require special skills or training, etc.. and critics don't really affect your bottom line which is $$$$$$ compared to the aforementioned fancy eatery.

Same with porn in the late 1990's and early oughts; You could make a few thousand monthly taking expertly metered portraits with perfect flighting, negotiating a view camera, etc.. or you could make the same amount of money shooting a D1x, horrible flat lighting, and unflattering scenes and below average subjects... and keep making money from those shots years after you initially shot them. it's about money. For some it's about the art, but I think Lik has got a handle on the fact that most people simple wants what looks good to them, without getting all into boring artist statements, etc., etc..

My point: If you're wanting to get paid well.. you target where and how the money is coming in.

Frankly, I'd rather have something from Lik on my wall when compared to a lot (most?) other photographic works however, buying Lik's work as an investment isn't something I'd remotely entertain.

Mr. Lik's work reminds me of the photos that I see in this kind of Ikea pre-framed art stuff. I suspect that if he wasn't selling his work as limited edition fine art prints, he could be very successful licensing the images for the aforementioned use...

eh... I think Lik knows that such work for run-of-the-mill prints are a dime-a-dozen on the web. He wan't to make money.. not nickels and dimes.

I have to wonder how much money the folks who license those images make...? Either way, what I'm saying is that to me Lik's work resembles that stuff.

Sure, I get the idea of "appealing to the masses," in order to make a buck, but to me this is so obvious as to go without saying. I was saying that for me the man's work is soulless and cliche and I don't see how any kind of explanation about how he appeals to the masses is going to change my view of it. What's compelling to me about art is not how people are able to make money from it but as a vehicle for personal expression. Some artists are in my mind able to combine both, expression and profit, while some are able to do only one of these...

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