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Aaron801 wrote:

I agree with what you say... except for one small point that really is just a more subtle matter of semantics. I see what the man does as art since the work isn't for any other purpose other than contemplating (the way that he markets it aside) but I don't think that it's particularly creative, thoughtful art. I think, as you say that it's really pitched towards and audience who aren't particularly interested or well informed about the greater world of art. Not that I'm saying that this somehow invalidates what he does, but that it very much does seem to be for that specific audience. It may also be why his work has apparently turned out to be such a poor investment. If it isn't collected buy the kind of folks who typically collect art, it doesn't get their endorsement and therefore isn't going to have that kind of value...

I think you make good points. I didn't mean to suggest that his work is not artistic in any way.

I think true artists, even mainstream artists, in any medium, try to connect with people. It's hard to see meaningful and long lasting connections from preying on tourists who are passing through who have never bought fine art before and probably never will again.

Lik is very good at getting money from people, but I'm not sure he can get anything else from them.

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