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Bill Ferris wrote:

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lilBuddha wrote:

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AOC wrote:

There are people who wait months and years to get just the right shot. This guy appears to peddle some fake version of reality that anyone can concoct and digital artists do all the time.

I see nothing more in his images than the cheap, dime a dozen wallpaper backgrounds we see on the Internet.

Well, what is preventing you from doing it and be successful then?


There is nothing in AOC's post related to ethics. So your answer is moot.

moot/mo͞ot/1.subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty.

Wasn't really commenting on AOC's post, but what would prevent me from adopting Lik's marketing strategy.

Just a guess, but a limited supply of custom-framed, gallery quality prints of stunning photos and financial resources to build, staff and operate galleries in several of the highest-priced real estate markets on the planet?

Whilst I do think he is a decent photographer, most of his work fails to be stunning. Most of it is very good, but rather workmanlike. But that is my opinion, just as is yours calling Lik "stunning".

I do not know the accurate story on Lik, but I am fine accepting the general narrative, which means he built those resources which means the path is available to any travel magazine level photographer. And there are a lot of those, so that isn't stopping most people.

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