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Re: Peter Lik in the pudding

SonyOB wrote:

A lonely wolf cannot create a business scheme.

Again, I said lone wolf was art of an inaccurate viewpoint.

You need somebody who can organize and delegate. We are great apes but we are not bonobos or chimps. Our social structures are a lot more complicated.

OK, so you get the complicated part, which is good. But you still insist on using the alpha thing, which is not.

What an alpha human being does, he uses the effort of other people to get him what he wants while giving them a reason to keep on delivering. That might be money or drugs. redemption, social status or just the permit to survive.

You seem to be stuck on the fact that the concept of 'alpha' originates from wolf studies.

And you miss that it is false.

It is a very viable concept, seems to be the law in most sociable land animals.
Drawing parallels from animal studies to human society is great fun but other than giving directions to social psychological studies, have very little value outside their original realm.

Again, you acknowledge something and then ignore it.

I know that the liberal ideology is at odds with the idea that someone is born with qualities that the other people in the neighborhood do not have. It is one of the comforting lies the postmodern snowflakes use as their Charlie Brown blankets.

The counter is that conservative ideology is to ignore reality in favour of one's chosen narrative and to put life into an overly-simplistic mould whilst reducing opposing viewpoints to self-reflecting caricatures. And using insult instead of reasoned rebuttal.

The problem is that it gets us precisely nowhere.

Peter Lik worked hard to get where he is. I acknowledge this with no hesitation. Not everyone has the drive to succeed in the manner he did, I also acknowledge this.

The point that our exchange began on was the inaccuracy of the alpha rubbish. Who succeeds and who doesn't, indeed how to even measure success, is a much more complicated thing than the alpha model of behaviour.

I would not write this to support a person I really do not care much for, but it bothers me how jealous people try to pump up their deflated egos by pulling other people down.

Cute. Again, throwing out insults in order to discredit an argument.

I am not jealous of Lik. I like the fact that he succeeded outside the established art market. I do not like the dishonesty in the sales tactics, though.

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