Is there a fuse in the FTZ

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Re: FTZ not dumb

There are probably a few fuses in a Z camera - but not the glass fuses you are used to.

Most likely there are fuses to anything “high power” and some things  with “external” connections  - but they are SMD fuses (surface mount component) - and if you do not know what you are looking for they are hard to spot. (Often white with Green or Blue line) and looks like the SMD resistors.

So to change them you need to solder. (Micro solder with a magnification and very steady hands....)

Lots of devices these days use SMD fuses which are great for those of us who buy broken gear. Often one can get lucky by checking the fuses. Or 2nd best - the capacitors. I would say i’m 50/50 on easy repairs. The hard repairs are the ones that have no protection fuses etc...

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