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Animal Eye AF is a preset, a bit like landscape, fireworks , portrait found on a scene dial. Its nice to have but totally unnecessary. Attention to DoF and composition will get you the same outcome, and also avoids things like just off eyes with sharp lashes.

If its useful great, but to me its just another one of those marketing gimmicks designed to capture more photographers than images of animals.

Put the other way around , the history shows that photographers have been shooting everything from wild big game to the family pet pouch for decades without any problem, and before there ever was a Sony cameras and also without animal Eye AF.

This is pretty much it in a nutshell. Not necessary at all if you take the time to actually learn how to use AF as opposed to letting the camera drive for you.

How if you taken shot during the cat running ?

Does the cat's eye in image still sharp ?

I double dog dare you to shoot a cat running with that DOF shown in these two shots. Same FL, F stop and framing, the DOF looks to be maybe an inch or so of critical sharpness. Not only would you have trouble actually keeping the frame right on an animal's head bobbing around with that tight of framing, but there's no AF system in the world that can move such a thin focal plane responsively enough to stay on the eye with every shot.

You would have maybe a quarter inch behind or in front of the eye depth, that's how much wiggle room you have. This is why i haven't been extremely excited about eye AF for "action" shooting. If the DOF is thin enough to need eye AF specifically, then it's not likely to be consistent frame to frame.

It's also why the comparison with Canikon and Sony showing Canon not identifying eyes from very far away wasn't a big issue. The DOF is too wide to matter until the subject is closer.

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