ND Filter Auto Exposure vs Polarizer AE

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Re: ND Filter Auto Exposure vs Polarizer AE

mfinley wrote:

Garthom wrote:

If the camera meters correctly without a filter, doing the calculation (or using an app) will work, which is what the OP describes. The whole point is that he doesn't want to have to do this, as the camera should be able to adjust this automatically based on the amount of light coming through the filter.

One of issue is the OP says he gets inconsistent results with the ND on the camera, he contradicts the inconsistency issue by saying using an app he gets consistent results, the point is the app is doing nothing more than telling him to adjust the exposure manually by the factor of the filter, 1 stop, 2 stops etc... the app is not doing anything magical.

That's still what you would expect if the camera meters correctly without a filter but not with one. If you're getting the correct exposure without a filter, then using an app to calculate the shutter speed with a filter, you would expect to get consistent results. If you're relying on the camera to meter with the filter, you might get inconsistent results since the meter is obviously not working correctly. Now, why the metering would be inconsistent, rather than consistently off by the same amount, is anyone's  guess. But the fact that it's sometimes off by "several stops" is a good enough indication to me that it's just not metering accurately with a filter attached.

If he can get correct exposure using the app he can get correct exposures simply by understanding to adjust exposure by the factor of the filter he is using.

If he can't accomplish this, there is more problems than the camera, there is human error in how to compensate exposure. If he can do it with the app, he can do it without it, he said he will just use the app as if that's the solution to his problem, which it can't be.

Sure, the app is just calculating the shutter speed based on the number of stops, just like he could do manually. The issue is that he doesn't want to do this manually, he wants the camera to meter correctly with the ND. As I understood it, the OP is looking for a solution that fixes the metering. Absent that, obviously the next best thing is to calculate the exposure manually (or use the app), but that's not what he's looking for.

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