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Re: Ignorance is bliss

golfhov wrote:

J A C S wrote:

golfhov wrote:

There are users who are actually finding this DOES change the way they shoot. It's just another tool in the bag. Use it or not.

I guess there are. They are hiding pretty well though.

Even on the Sony FE forum this isn't a popular feature. Conversations come up every few weeks about it though.

I do love that you haven't used it and you are one of the most vocal about it's usefulness

I am not.

Yes. You and Max have called it useless. Among others.

Where (I did)? You are confusing me with somebody else.

I am just calling your buffs.

I started just trying to answer the OPs question. Fairly, and based on my experience and those experiences I have read. Of people ACTUALLY using it. That isn't a "buff"

You are right, it is not a buff, it is a bluff.

I am ready to be convinced that it is useful, and so far, I just heard that a few people deeply believe that it would be.

Cause this endless pedantic arguing is tiresome. Instead of just answering the OP(which I think I did fairly) I am responding to a bunch of naysayers posting pictures of still and sleeping animals who are just brand bashing as they have no exposure to the feature.

Right, nobody took a picture of a running dog before.

On "animals it can identify" it locks(much faster than most Humans can, especially if the subject is moving) and tracks very well. Whether that is "useful" will vary by user


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