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Chikubi wrote:

You don't need eye AF to shoot moving animals and have them in focus. As someone already mentioned earlier, at most distances,

MOST? Well not all.

with a decent lens and a properly chosen aperture, you should have more than enough DOF to have the eyes as well as the whole animal in proper focus.

Unfortunately that is not true, especially with large sensor cameras and at telephoto distances. What about in instances where the lighting and movement require f2.8 or greater and 1/500 sec shutter speed?

Take a look at any BIF photos here or elsewhere. Birds in flight are far more demanding than cats, dogs, etc. and they have no problem getting the bird, eyes and all, in focus without using eye AF.

See for yourself:

How many shots were out of focus? You only see the ones in focus because people don't post their duds.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need some fancy feature or a particular camera to do basic work.

I understand. Your camera doesn't have it and you desperately need to think that any feature you don't have is of no use. Don't fall into that trap because you are 100% wrong. None of my cameras have it either but I'm smart enough and broad minded enough to see the usefulness and possibilities even if I wouldn't need it myself. Denial of the usefulness of features that they don't have is all to common among DPR posters.

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