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They will all let me focus on any animal's eye as long as it is visible. But if my camera ever starts picking out what to focus on by itself, it's going in the trash bin. That's my job.

I would hate to see how you feel about your camera metering for you, tracking a subject, or bracketing on it's own......

Reminds me of the author who said it was his job to hunt and peck the keys on his keyboard. He drew a few chuckles and winces from the real authors in the room whose job it was to write stories.

And yet the author who said it was his job to hunt and peck the keys on his keyboard is what makes your story salient, not the others. Sounds like he was a bit more clever with his wordcraft and knew better what it takes to make oneself standout from the rest. Actual skill nearly always wins in the end.

it does but skilled people like tools too. Last time I checked the sidelines of sporting events weren't full of manual focus cameras, wedding shooters seem to have forsaken the assistant with the light meter for most of their event work, and I don't even know if you can still purchase flash bulbs....maybe black powder?

Skilled folks do indeed like tools, but they don't necessarily prefer tools that take away control from them, force too much reliance on the camera, or sacrifice consistency/reliability for innovation's sake. There's a reason why most flagship pro cameras are usually a lot more stripped down than the consumer models, and it's because they're designed for users that have a solid skillset to begin with and aren't willing to sacrifice performance and reliabilty for the sake of keeping up with the Jones'.

I don't think anyone really cares that new features are added to cameras as long as the option to not use them exists as well, like on most advanced cameras. Where people do get annoyed, however, is when those features are somehow touted as being necessary or become a primary determiner as to what make one camera better than another when most knowledgeable shooters know that not to be the case.

I also think that a lot of cameras - particularly MILCs - are becoming over-bloated with features that, in my experience, can make them fairly overwhelming to a large number of shooters. I see it all the time in my beginning and intermediate photo classes and it's problematic - I have students that frequently feel they'll never be able to learn their cameras well and feel like giving up. That's not a good thing.

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