Canon EOS 6D. Upgrade?

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Re: Canon EOS 6D. Upgrade?

Jozef M wrote:

MANO41 wrote:


Thanks everyone who took their time to answer me here.

Loved the IQ on the pictures posted!

On the other hand, it is amazing how much damage a quick rant over "poor" specs can do! I wonder how many people - like me - did not upgrade their gear just based on youtube hate... Nothing like a real life test, eh?

Your replies were all very enlightening to me, so yeah, I just might get the 6DII and keep the old 6D as a back-up.

Well, you came here to the happy EOS 6D-usersclub, so you can't expect an unbiased opinion about the camera.

You have to examine the camera specifications and all its negative characteristics in a rational way. For example, I think that the sensor no longer meets the quality that the competition can/does offer.

You can buy much better cameras in 2019 for the same price.

Just my opinion, these are only cameras, don't kill me please


Clearly you like the specifications to tell you everything. Good luck with that. Only actual usage will tell you that the AF is awesome under the most trying of conditions. But the measurebators very rarely take the time to pick it up and do actual usage tests, as they believe that everything can be gleaned sitting behind a desk.

Some of the most strident critics were apologetic when they actually field used them. But the damage was done.

Yes, the 6D users club will tell you that the MkII is better. Not just here and there but the overall package. I wasn't a fan of Flippy screens and didn't consider it an asset until I needed to shoot straight up whilst walking along a bridge. I became a convert instantly.

What would be a more interesting question would be could you find ANY user who decided to abandon the MkII in favour of the original model? I very much doubt there are any. Enough said...

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