Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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Re: Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

LoneTree1 wrote:

So you wouldn't have to try to cozy up to a wild animal to get a photo with a phone.

You don't have to go next to wild animal and you don't have to get a photo either. It's 100% fault of the person, not a phone or camera. Also telephoto lens won't help because I think there are two reason to come up close: 1) They want to pet it like a dog or just touch it so they can tell other they did it, and 2) They want to make selfie to show others their adventurous nature. No amount of large sensors and telephotos won't help you with such motivations.

Other people mention that sometimes you can't help it but go through or close by some wild animals. That's true, however this doesn't look like it's the case where you have large group of people getting close to the animal on purpose, staying there for a long time (was it 20 minutes?) while examining and annoying the animal in general with their presence and obnoxious sounds. If I were the bison in such situation I would kick some asses too. If you want to pass them you go quietly and are gone as soon as possible, preferably not stopping for a selfie with them, even if it's just a wild hog and not a bison.

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