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Hi all

Now only sony's has animal eye AF. Does it just gimmick ?

For Canon and Nikon without animal eye AF does it hard to shot dog or cat ?


..The below Nikon cameras..





..when the Face-detection is "enabled"..

..can "detect" the faces of both humans & wildlifes..

..and focuses on the "eyes" of both humans & wildlifes..

..Cheers, John..


..P.S. Now the Nikon Z7 & Z6 have the "Eye AF", but don't know if works on wildlifes..

This is very interesting and also raises some questions. Why have i not seen DPR mention this anywhere? They seemed to make quite a stir about Sony's animal AF, why no mention of it in these Nikon cameras?

..Just to mention..

..the D5 D850 D500 D7500 cameras are all in my collection.. the past, in the D500 forum here, already discussed & discovered using the D500 camera to cover dog competition shows (that involves running & jumping), and using the D500 with the face-detection, capturing the speedy dogs.. just because you (or others) have not read about it, it does not mean it have not been discussed previously already..

..many things and features are "discovered" by "users", and not necessarily by the reviewers who may not spend enough time with the camera, before they go onto the next camera, in their reviewing tasks..

..Cheers, John..

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