Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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Re: I saw it in person

Smaug01 wrote:

I was at Yellowstone two years ago with my family. There are signs EVERYWHERE saying to stay away from the animals.

...but a few stupid people look around, see that there is no ranger watching them, and decide to do it anyway. Then, others watching see this guy "get away with it" and they want close pictures too. So they all get close.

I'm amazed it doesn't happen MORE often.

To your humorous point: yes, a proper camera and telephoto lens could have helped avoid that. But people like to think their phones do everything, and they don't wan't to hear otherwise. Another example? People see I wear a watch and ask me the time. I tell them "time to get a watch." Then, they angrily pull out their phone and berate me for my comment. They're convinced that the phone is all they need. I tell them they've gone back to the 19th century where all people had were pocket watches. It falls on deaf ears.

I do the same thing.  Good for you.

Also, on this board and on some of the others that I am on, if someone asks a question that can be answered by typing 2 or 3 words into Google, I tell the questioner to look it up in Google.  I am not going to participate in supporting stupidity or laziness.

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