My first sample images from new M50

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Re: My first sample images from new M50

Thank you for your comment. If I am honest with you I had no idea what I was doing it was the first time shooting with the camera during my travels so I did not know which aperture was correct for the picture. I think I should stick to AV mode until I get more experienced.

We were all there once.  I tried to cover some of the DOF issues but there are much better articles available.   I suggest a search of for photography lessons.  There are some good photographers that have produced a series of lessons, each covering some aspect such as DOF.   Adorama sponsors a fellow that I followed for a while.  I think you can access his video lessons via  B&H Photo also might sponsor some video lessons.  Video lessons are better than books in that you see the scene and then see the image that results with an explanation.  And they are free.

Yes, using Ap lets you keep aperture in a reasonable zone and only go high or low or out of that zone if there's a good reason to do so.  I gravitated to Ap mode early on and still use Ap exclusively.  I think a lot of photographers do.  Very few shoot manual.  My daughter shoots manual, but she's a pro photographer and uses it because she takes photos of people with a setting sun behind them (this is her style).  She has no choice but to use manual to get the nuances that she wants (spot metering can get close but won't get the right exposure balance between the subject and the setting sun behind them.  Yes, there is flare in her photos but it's controlled and is part of her style.  For most of us it's Aperture priority for depth of field control (and avoid diffraction) or Shutter priority to deal with low light or moving subjects.

BTW, probably all of the instructional videos you will find are done with a full frame camera.  There are some differences between full frame and APS-C that we use.  The two most significant ones I can think of are that with APS-C we don't need to go to such a small aperture to get good depth of field (where a full frame might shoot a landscape at F11 we would use F7.  Also, full frame will provide shallower DOF than we can achieve.  For instance, a full frame shooter might use F2 to make a well focused face 10 feet from the camera with a nicely blurred background 100 feet behind that face.  We can shoot F2 for this purpose as well, but we won't get as much background blur.

Good luck with the lessons.  They have you enjoying photography in short order.

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